On Portrait Photography, Beauty and Being Humbled

Christine - London Portrait PhotographerNot so long ago I did some portraits of Christine. She was visiting London from Frankfurt am Main in Germany and popped round to get some photos for her new business.  After she saw the images she gave me a call and humbled me greatly as she explained that she never thought she was as beautiful as she looked in these photos. I was blown away!

Now I want to say first that I don’t really do ‘beauty’ photography. I don’t use filters or special software to alter people’s skin. I don’t smudge, blur or soften anything. I just put people in some nice light, relax, have a chat and I take some photos. Most of the time, if people let their guard down a little I can get a beautiful portrait of anyone. But that’s my opinion and not everyone is brave enough to tell me…or maybe they just don’t see what I see. In any case, I don’t get that kind of honest and personal feedback very often. Thank you Christine.


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