What’s it like to have me photograph your Wedding?

Natural Wedding Photography London

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Reportage or Documentary (with a Fine Art influence) might be the best description of my photographic style, but I think the most straight forward way for everyone to understand what I do is by just calling it ‘natural’ . That’s because I don’t really pose people or set up scenarios on your wedding day. Instead I keep my eyes open for the moments that happen naturally – without my intervention.

Natural Wedding Photography London

I take a relaxed, reportage style approach to my work, so that you can enjoy the day.


Many of my clients will mention that they didn’t realise I had taken so many photos and were suprised at all the little stories I managed to capture for them.  I’m discreet but guests can always approach me for a chat and ask for a quick portrait or group shot.

On the day I’ll be mostly in the background like a laid back guest.  I won’t intrude so you feel uncomfortable, but I also won’t hide in the bushes like a paparazzi.

You can read more about what it’s like to have me photograph your Wedding on the How I Work page above or click here:  www.london-photographer.biz/natural-wedding-photography

Or go ahead and contact me now for a booking or enquiry: sara@london-photographer.biz

By Sara Atteby

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