London Photographer Sara


I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and how this magical passion for photography evolved in my life.

I remember vividly, the evening before my 8th birthday (Although it may not be so vivid, as it could have been my 9th or 10th birthday).  I could hardly sleep because I knew that there would be a camera wrapped up amongst my presents the next morning.

I was not disappointed.  I got my very first ever camera that morning.  I don’t remember the brand, but it was a black plastic instamatic film camera with a big orange shuttter release button.   I recall carefully choosing my subjects to make every single one of the 24 frames I had on the roll of film, last as long as possible.  Photographs included shots of my cat on the top of my wardrobe, my ice-cream on the kurb out the front of our house (my first attempt at advertising photography), and landscape shots of our backyard.

I suppose that was the beginning of a life long passion.

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