From Anna and Mark’s Wedding in Kent – My Favourite Image

This is one of my favourite images from Anna and Mark’s Wedding in Kent. I photographed Anna’s sister’s wedding in 2012, so it felt a bit like I was catching up with distant relatives again, (which I suppose happens at weddings all the time anyway).

This image happened after the ceremony in a separate little side room of the church where they signed the register. I get so excited when something like this falls into place in front of my camera.

They had finished signing the papers, the light was lovely and then this moment happened. Anna was adjusting her dress in the mirror and from where I was standing I could see her mother’s reflection. I love the blurred outline of her profile in the foreground and her mother’s reflection in the mirror looks like a portrait hanging on the wall. They were both so elegant and I think this moment shows how two people can be united in a moment although they are not physically standing next to or obviously interacting with each other.

And then of course there’s the lovely metaphor of the mother being reflected in the same mirror her daughter is gazing into. These moments are like little poems for me and they are what I look for at every wedding.

Black and white image of Bride with Mother in Mirror after ceremony


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