Preview – Buddhist Wedding at Taplow Court – Esther and Mark

Here is a little preview of Esther and Mark’s wedding from last weekend. This was the first Buddhist Wedding ceremony I’ve documented at the SGI Centre at Taplow Court. The light and weather were perfect. Thank you Esther and Mark!

2016JUL23_EstherMark-40 2016JUL23_EstherMark-18 2016JUL23_EstherMark-34 2016JUL23_EstherMark-38Bouquet of purple flowers at Esther and Mark's Wedding

2016JUL23_EstherMark-17 2016JUL23_EstherMark-73 2016JUL23_EstherMark-104Groom outside before ceremony at Taplow Court 2016JUL23_EstherMark-109

Black and white photo bride walks down aisle with sons at Taplow Court Buddhist ceremony

2016JUL23_EstherMark-143 2016JUL23_EstherMark-194 2016JUL23_EstherMark-149 2016JUL23_EstherMark-163 2016JUL23_EstherMark-191Black and White image of bride and groom embracing after ceremony at Taplow Court 2016JUL23_EstherMark-196Detail at Taplow Court Buddhist Wedding Ceremony


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