Just wanted to share one of my favourite photographer’s work.  I discovered him and his photos at university and although what he does couldn’t be further removed from weddings & portraits and even documentary photography, it is the quiet contemplation and dedication to his work that I admire.

I was drawn to his ‘seascape’ series where he travelled to different oceans across the world photographing…seascapes.  But what is so special about this series is the way in which he executed the idea.  Every image is almost scientifically documented with exactly half sky and half sea.  He used 8×10 inch negatives and dodged and burned ‘in camera‘ while the image was being exposed.  Each photograph was printed no larger than 47×58 inches, resulting in beautiful detail and exceptional image quality.  Also, the photographs are dated and labelled with a location but there is no reference in the actual image to any time or location.  There are no people or things in the images.  Brilliant for contemplation and meditation.

So for my friends in Japan, you can see his work in Tokyo (hurry, it’s only till Nov. 15th) and in Kagawa.  For my other friends in the states, he has a show on in New York until Dec. 24th at the Pace Gallery.  Just waiting and making sure I don’t miss his next show in London.

sea Inspiration

Hiroshi Sugimoto, seascape series

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