Wedding Albums

wedding_album_sample_05 Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums

I’ve been working away at a new Wedding (or Event/Portrait/Family…) Album and here’s a sample for you to view.  They are 30x25cm, bound in linen material and come in a variety of gorgeous colours.  The pages are black and acid free.  All the images are arranged and placed by hand using special acid free, conservation tape that is used in museums and art galleries.  I am now offering the album with my Wedding Packages, so please get in touch if you’d like to see the album first hand.  Contact me also for prices.

wedding_album_sample_05-300x205 Wedding Albums  wedding_album_sample_04-300x202 Wedding Albums wedding_album_sample_01-300x300 Wedding Albums wedding_album_sample_06-300x202 Wedding Albums  wedding_album_sample_07-202x300 Wedding Albums wedding_album_sample_08-300x202 Wedding Albums wedding_album_sample_03-202x300 Wedding Albums

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